Here is How to Optimize Your Website for Mobile SEO

  1. Address and fix the issues

Generally, the issues associated with mobile friendliness can be fixed by changing the HTML and CSS codes of your theme. Not everyone pays heed to this, so, you may need to hire some developers to fix this issue until your website passes the mobile friendliness test.

  1. Change your theme

There are many themes that are not compatible with mobile devices. On the other hand, there are also many mobile ready themes available on the WordPress directory for free and paid ones too. A lot of work is involved when you change a theme, but this has to be done to gain the benefits of mobile traffic. Just keep in mind to not damage your SEO.

  1. Adopt a responsive design

This is more like a strategic design associated with mobile SEO. A responsive website makes use of the same page for desktop and mobile, and based on the user’s device, the design adapts to perfectly fit on the screen with no scroll bars and zooming in or out to view the content. MediaOne highly recommends this approach because all SEO Singapore experts also pay heed to the same. It bears a lot of advantages like you don’t have to manage a variety of web pages for desktop and mobile. In other words, whatever changes are made for desktop SEO is applicable to mobile SEO as well. To know more about responsive designs, visit the website now.

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