If you forgot a letter or a number in the name of your email: how to implement an effective email address finder

Business card is somewhere left in a pile of papers, and memory fails – something is forgotten from the numbers or letters in the correct email address name. To find the right address, you will need a few best practices that may be useful for a single case.

If you need a systematic search of a considerable number of user addresses according to certain parameters, it is better to use special applications or services. An example of such a service can be found at https://reply.io/find-anyones-email-free/.

We will try to remind you and tell you about simple, available, though not always obvious ways to search for exact addresses of users. They are especially effective if there is basic information, but a letter or a digit in the address itself is forgotten or misspelled.

Search via DuckDuckGo

This alternative data retrieval system is very interesting for searching specifically for email addresses. If you type in the exact match data for a potential customer in the format @domaincompany.com in the search bar, DuckDuckGo gives you all the available open data results.

On Google or other search engines, this trick doesn’t work because the @ symbol is used as a separate search operator. This way you can get very accurate information on a particular company.

Searching for private email addresses in this case is difficult, because if paid accounts are bought by individual users, it is likely to be some unique combination of words that are unlikely to be picked up in this way.

Subscribing to a mailing list or searching in reports and presentations: easy!

The situation is more complicated if the domain is known, but the email cannot be found in its entirety. And all the previous methods have not worked, including an open search via Google mail in this case may be more effective the easiest and most obvious, but not used by everyone. To do this, just go to the company’s website, go through all the sections:

– The section with contacts, which may be called “About Us”, “Company Resume”, “Our Team”, “Company Employees”, “Presentation” and so on;

– In open data distributed for press releases, presentations, email data;

– a simple subscription to a mailing list or Twitter, Facebook accounts of the company.

Another unorthodox search method is to communicate with a colleague who has an outlet for that company. Sometimes companies’ hand over paper business cards with coordinates, including e-mail addresses, from hand to hand. For marketing and mailing lists, this is invaluable information. But you can’t always get it because of the length of the process and the many other ongoing tasks. However, some people can get lucky.

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