Reviewing SEO Services In Singapore: 5 Things To Check!

If you check around for SEO services and agencies in Singapore, you will get a bunch of proposals for your brand in no time. However, SEO is a comprehensive and continual process, and it makes sense to do some initial research before selecting a company for the job. To start your SEO campaign Singapore, you need to check the right things, some of which are listed below.

  1. The simplest way to review an SEO company is to check their clientele. You have to evaluate what the range of clients they have worked with and if they have worked with clients with similar profile as yours.
  2. Project range. Besides checking their client portfolio, you have to find if the agency has worked with small and large brands alike. Singaporean brands spend considerably on SEO, and an agency that claims to be the best in business will never shy away from sharing their work.
  3. Interest in your project. Is the concerned agency interested in your brand goals and objectives, or are they trying to sell a proposal anyway? Gone are times when SEO used to be about ready packages. Now, it is all about customizing expertise for every client.
  4. How much does the company charge for SEO alone? Keep in mind that SEO prices may fluctuate based on the agency you choose, but price alone shouldn’t be a reason for your choice. The estimate is dependent on the work done, and you can expect a monthly price, which is usually fixed.
  5. Basic strategies. SEO agencies often restore to black-hat and grey-hat SEO to deliver immediate results, and that kind of approach often leads to penalties. Take your time to discuss the work process of an SEO company, as that can actually affect the results in both short and long run.

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