SEO Insights: What Could get your Site Penalised

Every business owners should invest in search engine optimisation (SEO) to know how to improve their site to make sure users and search engines have a better experience. But, people can make mistakes which can cause Google to penalise them. Every seo consultant Singapore will agree that Google penalties must be taken seriously. If a site is penalised, it won’t be listed on searches and might be ranked lower.  Thus, your business loses out on keyword rankings, online visibility, and user traffic. Below are some of the reasons your site can get penalised by Google:

Using Duplicate Content

Original content is vital in SEO for a good reason. Google will only index the content once, thus, when a site has plenty of duplicate content Google will not consider it. Essentially, there is no point using duplicate content is will not increase website rankings. Your website gets penalised when the content is stolen from another website.

Using Copyrighted Material without being Authorised

Using copyrighted materials without the permission of the owner will have a site will leave a bad impression on Google. It is then important to take images and videos form free sites. But, if you have to use copyrighted materials, ensure you credit this or get permission.

Utilising Hidden Links and Content

Sketch SEO agencies will hide some content or links on a website. In this approach, users see a version but Google bots crawlers another. They do this by putting text in the same color as the background and placing links and contents in which extra keywords are stuffed.

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