What are Phone Stands Made of and How to Use Them?

When looking for a cell phone stand, always make sure to find one that is durable and strong. Here are the materials from which the cell phone stands and holders are made from:

  1. Hard Plastic
  2. Soft Plastic
  3. Metal
  4. Wood
  5. Fabric
  6. Rubber

Select a cell phone stand or holder that is ideal for your budget and style. This would be such a win win case for you where you can have a special place for your beloved cell phone.

Here are the ways on how you can use a phone stand

People are always attached to their phones, in other words, a mobile phone holder or a stand can be used everywhere like in your bedroom, car, work or even when you are in the grocery shopping queue.

Here are the cases where you can use your phone stand or holder by Lamicall:

  1. When you are Working on Multiple Projects

If you are a professional or a student who deals with a  lot of projects every now and then, then a cell phone stand is all you need to work on two devices at the same time.

  1. Using the Bathroom

It may sound gross but many people tend to use their phones in the toilet. Lucky for them, there are many phone holders available that can fit perfectly on the wall in public bathrooms.

  1. Driving in Your Car

Here you may need a phone mount that would keep your phone in view while you are driving at the same time. Just play your playlist and follow the GPS with zero concerns.

  1. Going to Sleep

You can now watch videos in bed by connecting the phone holder directly on your headboard. It is a great way if you don’t have a TV and wanting to listen to a podcast to sleep.

  1. Working in the Kitchen

You can stream your favourite video while doing the dishes in the kitchen or if you are making a new dish, you can put up a holder to see the ingredients and recipes while making the dish at the same time.

  1. Getting Groceries

When using the holder on the handle on the shopping cart, you can go hands free without bumping into people.

  1. Mowing the Lawn

Want to watch videos while mowing the grass? All you need is a phone holder.

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