What Mistakes You Must Avoid While Making Mobile Friendly Website Design?

Due to increasing use of smartphones, it has become essential to develop a mobile website. Such design is critical for the success of a business, but developers make several common website design mistakes to avoid it to make it successful. We are sharing some mistakes that most of the developers make at the time of creation of a mobile-friendly website.

Unplayable content

Unsupported file format is strict no by Google such as videos, content and images, stops to work on several occasions. This is not good for users as well as the mobile website. This tends to create frustration and even provides an inferior user experience. It is required for a developer to ensure that there should be no unplayable content present on the site. When users see any unplayable content, then they are most likely to leaves the page and won’t wish to visit the website again.

It is important for the developer to keep below mentioned things to create a website that is mobile-friendly website and doesn’t have any unplayable content.

  • HTML5 standards are used for animations
  • Video is required to be playable on minor and major devices.
  • Video transcript has to be always available.

Slow webpage loading

Slow loading of a page can adversely impact the performance of a website, whether it is on a mobile device or on desktop. The developer only has got some seconds to grab user’s attention and slow webpages makes you easily lose users. Load time of a page is another major factor towards contributing in abandonment of a webpage.

The slow performance of a webpage impacts the user’s shopping behavior too. Below is mentioned some of the stats:

  • 45% of users wish that their website gets loaded in just two to three seconds.
  • 40% of users abandon those websites that require more than three seconds to get loaded.
  • 1 second delay decreases the satisfaction level of customers by around 15%.
  • 44% of users tell friends about the bad website experience.

What tools can be used to improve website loading time?

To make a fast loading website, there are several tools and software available on the market. These are Page Speed Online, Google Analytics Plugin, etc. The developer can compress the CSS files or JavaScript files, in place of restricting up every webpage of a website. The size of the image can be optimized to enhance the loading speed of a webpage.

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