Why Should You Advertise on Google?

Google is deemed the most used search engine which receives around 3.5 billion search queries on a daily basis. Google Ads platform has also been in use for around 20 years which gives it some authority in the area of paid advertising. Google is a resource which is used by people worldwide to ask questions which are addressed with a combination of paid ads and organic results. And as per Google claims, advertisers make around $8 for every single dollar they invested on Google ads. This is one of the many reasons to consider working on Google ads.

If you need another reason to be convinced, here is one. Your competitors are making the use of Google Ads and may also be bidding on the branded terms. There are a plethora of companies making the use of Google advertising in Singapore for promoting their business, in other words, even if you rank organically for a search term, your results on SERPs will be pushed down the page, means beneath your competitors.

When using PPC to advertise your product or services, Google Ads must always be a part of paid strategy.

Why are your Google Ads not working?

  • Broad keyword terms: here you may need to test and tweak your keywords. If your keywords are broad, Google will place your ad in the unintended wrong audience where you will get fewer clicks and higher ad expense. Check what is working and then adjust them accordingly to align the ads with your target audience. You may not get the alignment right in the first try, but always keep adding, removing and tweaking the keywords until they are aligned.

  • Low quality score: your QS or quality score is how Google ascertains how your ad should be ranked. The higher your rank, the better would your placements be. If your QS or quality score is low then you may have less attention on your ad and fewer chances to convert as well. Google will let you know about your QS but enhancing the rest is up to you.

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